Aaron Shea


“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” -Albert Einstein These wise words from Albert Einstein have demonstrated true, both in my personal life and in my work with those who face difficult times.  I believe that in any crisis, tragedy, or any other form of struggle, there is an opportunity to grow, learn, and gain.  The positive side to a dark situation may not be obvious, but with a little help, guidance, study, and focus, it can be found. This brings me to my philosophy and main approach in counseling, which is Solution Focused.  Although past experiences are important, I prefer to start where a client is at, and move forward from there, finding and focusing on what is positive in their lives. Every person, no matter where they are at in their lives, deserves to be happy and live as full of a life as possible. My goal: to help guide them in an attempt to locate this happiness and fullness. Although Solution Focused is my typical approach, I also like to keep an open mind and remain fluid in how I address a client’s specific situation.  Eclectic therapy is another approach I prefer to take with clients as it borrows theories drawn from several schools of thought, making this approach fluid in nature and moldable to the clients’ specific situations.

Experience and Education

I currently hold a masters degree in Social Work with the goal of obtaining my LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker).  I have been working as a child protection worker since February of 2007.  In this practice I approach all clients (children and adults) in a therapeutic manor to help them achieve safety and stability within their family.  I also provided therapeutic services at a day treatment program designed to help children suffering from mental health and behavioral struggles.


Monday-Thursday: evenings (varies week by week) Fridays: 7:00am-flexible
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