I am a registered psychotherapist working toward my Master’s in Counseling, under the supervision of Michelle Lefco-Rockey, LCSW. For the past 25 years, I have been working as a wife and mother to my six children by birth, foster care, and adoption. My experiences with attachment issues, social/emotional delays, ADHD, mental health issues that involved the mental health system, the educational system, law enforcement, and the medical community all played a part in leading me to a counseling program with an emphasis in trauma. In this, I developed a passion for helping people heal from, adjust to, and manage their traumatic life experiences and transitions in the context of connected relationships. I use a variety of approaches to treatment, with a cognitive behavioral emphasis. I love working with adults, children, and families and look forward to sharing your journey to wellness with you.   I am able to accept CCHA Medicaid and also accept a reduced cash rate of $40 per session.  To schedule an appointment, please either call the Creekside main number at 303-770-6933 or you can contact me directly at 720-504-1250.