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The process of therapy can be a powerful, life-changing experience. As we grow through gaining self-awareness, many of us seek balance from the head to the heart. We are all capable of conscious growth and seek support through connection. Whether your experience has been emotional, spiritual or physical pain, surviving trauma, broken relationships or addiction, there is healing to be discovered from our challenging experiences. Exploration of the self may inspire, transform, generate, and offer insight toward a conscious and whole-hearted life.
Looking through the lens of a client is an important part of tailoring my techniques to your individual needs. My expertise includes working with individuals who have been surviving using coping skills such as addiction, binge eating, or struggling with boundaries with family and friends which may result in depression, anxiety, or other symptoms.
I have great compassion for people who want to make changes in their life and honor the strength, vulnerability, and courage it takes to seek therapy as a tool for healing. Please contact me for a free consultation as you begin your journey toward health and wellness.