Thank you for contacting Creekside. Please be aware that each provider within Creekside is in private practice and are in the office only certain days.  We have prescribers and therapists in-network for Cigna, Tricare, Tricare and most Medicaid plans (see below).
  • All providers accept new patients on a case by case basis. We do not offer emergency on call services nor do we provide Intensive Outpatient Services.
  • We do accept Medicaid from those who live in Denver, Douglas, Arapahoe, Adams, Jefferson, Boulder, Gilpin, Clear Creek, Park, Teller, El Paso and Elbert County.  Medicaid requires that we conduct an Initial Intake Assessment prior to a Med Eval so we will need to schedule two appointments. *We do not accept Medicare Insurance. If you have Medicare as your primary and Medicaid secondary we still cannot accept this combination.
  • We ARE now taking new therapy clients.  If you are interested in therapy please let us know.  We can make a recommendation to a therapist within Creekside or will provide you with a list of referrals outside the group if necessary depending on your specific needs.
If you're interested in Medication Management please email  You may also call Kristy at 720-618-4780 or call the Creekside main number at 303-770-6933.   **Please know that although we may be able to get you in for an Initial Intake and/or Med Eval, the provider (prescriber or therapist) reserves the right to not see you if they feel it's not a good fit, the case is not appropriate or they can not accommodate your needs in their private practice. We also want to notify you that a first Medication Evaluation is exactly that, an Evaluation to discuss your case, history and current needs. The Med Eval DOES NOT guarantee that you will receive a prescription the same day, that the Prescriber will continue current meds or prescribe you the medications you specifically want.**